Noah's Ark Learning Center

Virtual Tour

You control what you see with this "Bubble Tour" of Noahs Ark Learning Center. You can click to go from one room to another and all around the NALC facilities.

This tour was taken on a Sunday morning and not on a weekday.



This virtual tour will give you control over where you go and what you see.
See icon at bottom left of virtual tour to view in FULL SCREEN MODE.

1.Wait for first image to load below. you need JAVA installed on your PC in order to view the tour.If you dont have it or cannot see the first image of the Church below, please get your FREE JAVA for your PC here then come back to view the tour by refreshing the page.
2. Click your left mouse button over the image and hold down while moving your mouse around.
3. To go to another room or area, just left click on an arrow or orange circle.
4. use the tools at the bottom of the virtual tour to go to full screen mode. *Recommended
5. ZOOM IN and OUT with CTRL and SHIFT keys

Click an orange arrow in image above to get the tour started.